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Health and Dental Insurance

Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance

This insurance can cover all or part of the supplementary treatment costs that are not covered by the provincial health insurance. For example, a person living in Ontario and covered by OHIP must pay for prescription or dental medications themselves, while the insurance company pays for these costs or a percentage of them. The dependent family of the insured person can also enjoy the benefits of this insurance. You can have supplementary health insurance either individually or in a group.

If you are new to Canada, you will usually have to wait a while before you can get your public health insurance in Canada. You usually have to wait about three months. It is recommended that you apply for health insurance before arriving in Canada. Please note that the terms and conditions of receiving government insurance coverage are generally different from province to province.

 Insurance companies offer Health insurance in different packages. These packages include various dental services, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, massage therapy, corrective lenses, medicine, home care and other services not included in the treatment plan and public health insurance. The insured person selects one of these packages based on annual medical needs and financial ability. Insurance companies also have plans for fired employees who were previously covered by group insurance. Based on the plan, they can receive personal insurance without undergoing re-medical tests, provided that this is done within a certain period of time after being fired (for example, 90 days).

 Having health insurance for you and your family against special and unexpected medical and health expenses is important because government health insurance does not fully cover all the necessary items. You can use this plan to benefit from drug and dental health insurance. Be flexible, especially when you do not have coverage through a group or workplace or when you are self-employed.

 One of the most important parts of this supplemental insurance can be drug and dental insurance, which in fact undertakes to reimburse part or all of the cost of purchasing the drug, depending on the type of insurance package and its contract, and one of the important points in choosing the type of package is health conditions, priority of individual needs, waiting period ,treatment ceiling, payment ceiling and in general, needs assessment and selection based on priorities.

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