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Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance Key Person insurance is a type of life or disability insurance that is prepared and purchased by an employer to maintain the survival or efficiency of an important business partner or employee. در تعریف و معرفی بیمه کسب و کار و بیزینس به بخش مهمی از این نوع پوشش ها تحت عنوان […]
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Home Insurance

Home Insurance Usually, one of the biggest investments people make during their lifetime is buying a home, so taking care of it is a high priority because there are so many people who can afford to invest again if something happens to their capital. And they are few to build their own house. Of course, […]
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Group Insurance

Group Insurance Group insurance is a type of insurance policy for people who are in the same situation. That is, all people who are members of a group or group and work in the same environment. For example, all employees of a factory or workshop or all members of a particular group or organization who […]
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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance Liability insurance is necessary for those who may be liable for damage to others or if the insured person damages the property of another person insured. Liability insurance actually provides the insured with the necessary coverage from the insured against claims resulting from injuries and damage to persons or property. Liability insurance covers […]
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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Because auto insurance is mandatory in Canada, and if the police deal with it, it will usually result in fines, suspension and sometimes confiscation of the car, so it is important to take out car insurance. بطور کلی چندین مدل بیمه ماشین داریم که ابتدایی (Basic) ترین آنها که اجباری نیز هست، بیمه […]
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Business Insurance (Buy-Sell Agreement)

Business Owners and Partners Insurance For business owners of all sizes and backgrounds, using insurance to provide reassurance and credit is an important and smart decision. By doing so, you are actually protecting your business and your business for the financial and business future. You care. In this plan, the necessary plans have been made […]
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