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Life insurance

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance  A corporation can be both the owner and the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. In this case, the corporation pays the premium for the policy and since it is the beneficiary, upon death of one of the covered persons (shareholders), the corporation will receive the proceeds based on the insurance contract. […]
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Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Insurance When you obtain financing from a bank or a lending company for the purchase of your dream home, the mortgage lenders offer you the option to buy mortgage protection insurance. This type of insurance can pay some or all of your outstanding mortgage amount in the event of your death. This solution only […]
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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance (Participating) Whole life insurance is a permeant life insurance policy which is guaranteed to remain in force for the entire lifetime of the insured provided that premiums are paid according to the contract made between the insurance company and the insured. در واقع در بیمه های عمر دائمی، در کنار پوشش بیمه‌ای […]
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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance Universal life insurance provides you with not only the protection you need for life but also allows you to build your savings. It is basically a combination of permanent life protection with a broad range of investment options to have a tax-deferred growth of your savings portion of your policy. The key […]
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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance Term life insurance offers an affordable solution for you and your family members.This type of insurance is ideal for those looking for an affordable life insurance solution, it also offers a temporary protection to cover mortgage / business loans or until children has finished their education at school. با توجه به تنوع […]
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